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Practice statement


Amy’s principal source of inspiration is colour and the language it conveys. Her work is often material led, abstract, geometric and site-specific.


Multi-disciplinary trained in Public Art at Chelsea School of Art, Amy studied large-scale drawing, painting and all 3-D disciplines specialising in ceramic and glass. Frustrated by the lack of vivid colour in ceramic glazes, Amy fused glass with clay creating surprising results from the incompatibilities. This led eventually to kiln forming glass, favoured for its luminous qualities.


Amy’s studio practice specialises in colour sequence and balance, the energy of her palette always carefully considered. For 25 years she has experimented with glass firings, recording results and building a portfolio of fusing techniques. It takes great experience to understand both the technical and aesthetic compatibility of glass colours. Their transformation from cold to hot – and then hot to cold – is dramatic, so a portfolio of tests, samples, documentation and a trained eye is integral.


Amy's signature series of suspended installations weave colour with mesmerising effect, creating layered compositions. These delicate non-static artworks float with an ethereal beauty, capturing and reflecting diaphanous qualities.


Each artwork is developed considering its relationship with the space, displaying continuity or contrast. Some installations are wall fixed, some suspended, some sculptural and illuminated. Both small and large scale, all are created to be spiritually elevating.

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