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H3000mm x 720mm diameter


Requested by the Church of England to make a suspended sculpture above the Font as part of a high profile glass exhibition “Reflection” curated by Jacquiline Creswell, bringing together the best glass-makers in the UK.


The purpose of this piece was to enhance the experience of William Pye’s Font, creating a mesmerizing reflection above the still deep water. The column of glass emulated the statuesque ancient stone throughout the Nave, whilst a carefully graded colour palette was taken from the nearby stained glass window. The 594 sections of handmade glass are not static, instead gradually moving to constantly catch and reflect the light adding endless possibilities to the composition. The glass sections, which alternate horizontally and vertically loosely depict The Cross, whilst weaving together the palette, the circle upon circle mirrors perpetual life.


Please see the film below for greater understanding of the artwork within the space.


Currently exhibiting with Todd Merrill Studio, NYC and available for purchase.

2016j_Salisbury Cathedral_10.jpg
2016j_Salisbury Cathedral_01.jpg
2016j_Salisbury Cathedral_03.jpg



Photography © Ash Mills

Video by Stanley Thompson

Website by Jackie Bourne

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